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    Our materials are suitable for events from small to large.

    In addition to various types of beer, soft drinks and related items, you can also contact us for various types of tap equipment for small, medium and large events.

    We rent, among other things, table top beer taps, mobile taps, folding bar buffets, Party beer trucks and coolers. For more information about our products, please click on the images below.

    Besides the rental of event materials, we also regularly accompany events from a party in the backyard to Concert at Sea, WooHah, Decibel, Dominator and many other parties and festivals!

    Do you want more information about our materials, guidance of your event or do you want to make an appointment by phone? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to tell you more!

    Please note: Our event materials are only delivered in the following regions: South-West Netherlands
    Are you not within our range? Please contact us for questions or a free quote.

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    Tables and chairs

    Tables and chairs


    Events run on audiences, but not just on visitor numbers. A guest who feels truly welcome stays
    stays longer and spends more. First class furniture works like a cordial handshake from the host.
    of the host.


    With FoldTables, you have the maximum number of seats per square foot. And you no longer lose time with
    "arranging" loose tables and chairs. Your customers take an active attitude, which invites them to eat and drink. You will have additional seating at your disposal in no time.

    What can you expect from our folding tables?

    • 8 generous seats
    • Better overview = safer
    • Stable everywhere, even on wet grass
    • Elegant design and attractive color
    • Wheelchair-friendly
    • Tough
    • Easy to clean
    • Folds in and out within seconds

    Other information:

    • Dimensions L x W x H: 140 x 111 x 220 

    Standing tables:

    Renting a standing table online to decorate parties and events that take place in a large space where there are no tables or chairs. Your guests can stand together in groups and have space to put their glasses down. With our bar tables, you can make the most of the space around the bar.

    Low table and chairs:

    Ordered separately from each other in our assortment.