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    Our materials are suitable for events from small to large.

    In addition to various types of beer, soft drinks and related items, you can also contact us for various types of tap equipment for small, medium and large events.

    We rent, among other things, table top beer taps, mobile taps, folding bar buffets, Party beer trucks and coolers. For more information about our products, please click on the images below.

    Besides the rental of event materials, we also regularly accompany events from a party in the backyard to Concert at Sea, WooHah, Decibel, Dominator and many other parties and festivals!

    Do you want more information about our materials, guidance of your event or do you want to make an appointment by phone? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to tell you more!

    Please note: Our event materials are only delivered in the following regions: South-West Netherlands
    Are you not within our range? Please contact us for questions or a free quote.

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    Other event materials

    Other event materials

    Other event materials

    Here you can find the other materials you can use for your event. These are products such as: Backdrops, Easyflags, Light boxes, Quick (rap) taps and Party decorations.


    Our Backdrops are widely used to place next to or behind the bar to attract attention. The backdrops are available in different beer brands. 

    • Dimensions H x W: 275 x 275
    • Available brands: Heineken, Amstel, Brand, Desperados, Jillz, Amstel radler and Heineken 0.0
    • New logos will be updated as they become available


    Our Easyflags are widely used to put next to the bar and attract attention. The easyflags are available in different beer brands and come with a leg that is easy to put in the sand or in the grass. 

    • Dimensions H x W: 440 x 100
    • Available brands: Heineken, Amstel, Brand, Desperados, Jillz, Amstel radler and Heineken 0.0
    • Models come with foot to stick in the grass, sand.
    • New logos will be updated as they become available


    Our light boxes come in a protective case. You can easily connect it with the plug that is included. The light boxes are available for rent in 3 different brands: Desperados, Jillz and Brand. 

    • Dimensions Desperados L x W: 70 x 32 cm
    • Dimensions Jillz L x W: 50 x 50 cm
    • Dimensions Fire L x W: 90 x 80 cm


    Speed tap:

    Big event and want to tap a lot of beer quickly? Then the Quick (rap) tap is for you! At large events a rap tap is sometimes used, which allows several glasses of beer to be tapped at once. For the possibilities you can always mail or call us, we like to think along with you. 

    • Number of taps 4

    Party decoration:

    Have a party soon and haven't found the right decorations yet? Then we have the right products for you! We have a wide range of Octoberfest materials such as: Signposts, Beer mugs 0.5 and 1L, Decor panels, Wooden bar surround, Banners and Wreaths for the ceiling. For the possibilities and any further information you can always email or call us, we are happy to think along with you.